Good Thing I Counted the Money

The other night I had this 4-top and their bill came to $337 and change. They gave me a stash of money and said that it was all mine.

Sometimes I count it quickly and other times I just stick it in my wallet. Anyway because the bill was pretty high I wanted to see how much they left me.

I counted it twice and it came to $330. I was short some money with no tip. I knew they were happy but in any case they had shortchanged me.

Peering around the corner I noticed they had left so I ran outside and caught them to tell them of the amount. The girl said to her friend that she should have counted the money after he said he left the right amount. She pulled out another $50 apologetically and gave me it adding to keep the change.

So in this case it was a good idea I counted the cash..



  1. Seems they didn't mean to stiff you – but it was a good idea that you counted to be sure. It always depended on how busy I or if I thought the people were sketchy whether or not I counted right away. Glad you got your tip & the right amount.

  2. SkippyMom…that seems to be what I go by. I knew they were real happy so was just checking to see how much they left when I caught the shortage.

  3. they gave you a $43.00 tip on a $337.00 tab? i would still be pissed off!!

  4. Sunshine….It could have been worse..

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