I Won The Football Pool and Soon I Will Win the Lotto

So last weekend I decided to play the football pool at work. It is not on the point spread but we simply try to pick the winning team and the tie breaker is the Monday night game on total points.

As usual you have the people who are looking at the injury reports and home field and all that other stuff. They are thinking long and hard about who is going to win.

Well the last minute on Saturday I go into the office to pick up the sheet and fill it out. Maybe in all I took two minutes to pick the winners and gave that in along with my $10.

I didn’t even photocopy the sheet. So Sunday comes along and I finally turn on a football game to watch and it is the Buffalo game. Now I didn’t realize Buffalo was down 21-0 at one point but when they make it 21-17 I think just maybe they are going to pull it out. Well they did and they beat New England on the day for the first time in 8 years. Oh yeah I picked Buffalo.

The day wore on and I am thinking there is no way I am winning this cause I think some of the teams I picked lost and when Monday night came I thought I lost that one too. I go in last night and everyone is congratulating me. I only had 3 wrong.

Now in order to win any pool like that you have to pick some upsets to win. Every week there are one or two.

But here is my point. If I pick between two teams and I have a hunch one team is going to win I don’t second guess myself. I knew nothing of how the season was going and I picked the upsets. Well I know something of football but I don’t follow it like I used to. Last Sunday I watched just part of my first game of the season.

From now on when I buy a lotto which I don’t do that often but when I do I am not just going to buy a Quick Pick and let the machine choose the numbers for me.

I am actually going to fill out the form. And when I do I am not going to play my birthday or anniversary dates or anything like that. I am just going to go with the numbers I think will win.

Let’s see how that works. This week at 11PM Saturday I will do my football picks again just like the way I did it this week.

Maybe I am onto something. Lucky , I hope so!


  1. Nice going Steven. Pooldad and I play against his friends every week [we are separate] but just for fun. He won the first two weeks. I pick like you – and I am not that good at it. giggle. It's fun tho'. Have fun with your winnings.

  2. SkippyMom…I will. It was a big surprise.

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