I Guess I Am Just a Normal Joe Right Now

I am working 5 days a week and getting paid for 8 hours a day. How many waiters out there work 8 straight hours without a break between breakfast to lunch? You can take a break of 30 minutes but why bother if you are going to miss some tables.

Where I work all I am missing is the buzzer that tells you when to break. Like a factory job.

So here is my question for all you waiters and managers out there. If you could, would you rather work 8 straight hours or if you are manager would you let your staff work straight through for 8 hours?

Or after a while do people become slack?


  1. Everyone is different. Some employees can work 8 hours no problem. Others need that break in between. As a manager you have learn this about each person and adjust accordingly.

  2. I would rather work 8 straight hours with no break. Hell, half the time I work doubles I try to work straight through, resulting in 12 hours with no break. As long as I can scarf down a salad or something so I've at least eaten, I'm fine. Plus I make way more money.

  3. The Restaurant Manager…I have to work right through cause if I sat down it would be difficult to get started again.

  4. fuckmytable…yes if you are sitting you are not making money.True. Better just to eat and fly.

  5. In the restaurant work I feel like we rest when we can, eat when we have a chance and work a lot to make more money. It's one of the careers which allows to to make more money the more you are on your feet. I would rather work the long hours and have a satisfying lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon after a crazy lunch service than be required to take a break.

  6. True. I guess what I meant was on a breakfast to lunch shift you cannot really or want to sit down but on a lunch shift and dinner shift you might be off in between. Like work a split. That is easy to do. But I agree why take a break if you can make money.

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