Felt Like Fall Tonight

We had a line up at the door tonight for a while. I ended up doing 14 tables and 38 covers with $1390 dollars in sales. It was looking not so good at the beginning of the night but it got better as the night went on. Got this French table from Montreal and they tipped me pretty good and I also got a chance to speak French with them because only one of them spoke English.

At the end of the night I tipped out $53 and walked out with $193. So not a bad night for the middle of August around these parts.

But it did feel like the end of summer is near what with the sun setting earlier and the cool weather we had today. Is summer nearly over already? We have hardly had one around here where I live.



  1. Pooldad and I were just commenting on the mild winter here in VA too during our walk tonight. But we suspect the rest of Aug/Sept is going to slap us with heat/humidity. fingers crossed.The money is awesome. Nicely done.

  2. Is that $193 in tips for you in one night? p.s. enjoy Bryan Adams, saw him years ago in London, was great. I'm looking forward to this 'summer of 69' oops 09…lol

  3. SkippyMom…one thing I know that will happen here and not in Virginia is up here we will have a cold snowy winter.That I can always count on.Yechhh..

  4. Chef's Kitchen Rant…yes that is for one night. The percentage gratuity is good.Bryan Adams should be fun. I have never seen him , only at the airport one time waiting for his luggage in Vancouver coming back from London. I wonder if he will remember me? LOL…

  5. Thats funny that you would say that, my co-workers and I were noticing last week that business seemed to be picking up to a fall like level a bit early this year! I'll take it! God bless.

  6. The Veteran Server…you bet I will take it too.

  7. That's great money Steve…….we too are enjoying a good run at the moment….lots going on in Belfast at the mo so lots of people about….Tall Ships this week……gonna be a tough week….

  8. Manuel…the tall ships are pretty cool aren't they? Happy to hear from you and how things are going.I am just having a great time this summer.

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