I Am Gone On My Day Off

Last Saturday was rather busy and I noticed that a waiter had come in to dine on their day off.

I have always praticed not to go anywhere near where I work during my days off. Always been like that especially when I started bartending. Never fraternize with your guests , besides hasn’t anyone got anything better to do than eat on their day off where they work?

Forget the discount!

What says you???????????


  1. I couldn’t agree more…….once I’m out the door I ain’t going back through it again until I’m required to. As for fraternizing/socializing with guests? not a chane either…..familiarity almost always breeds contempt, both ways

  2. Manuel…for sure. The only time is Christmas dinner like today and restaurant is closed and it’s about kids and family and giving thanks.

  3. I’m with you, brother! I give more hours a week to work than home. Sadly, though, the company is leaning toward hooking me up to a blackberry.

  4. Don…makes you wonder how work actually ever got done before all these gizmo blackberries and cell phones. Merry Xmas to you Don and your family.Hope you get a bit of time off to enjoy with your loved ones.

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