Managers and Long Hours are for Single People

Lately at work there has been a few changes. Last week our GM left after working in the same spot for 7 years. It wasn’t his choice as the head office required him at another restaurant located an hour away cause they needed help there. I think if he had a choice he would have preferred to stay.

Last night the Kitchen Manager who was assigned to open another restaurant nearby about 6 months ago got it up and running well then all of a sudden he is back at our restaurant due to the fact the kitchen manager was promoted to GM to replace the one that is leaving. I talked to him last night and he wasn’t too thrilled about leaving his baby that he helped open after such a short time.

Then another supervisor that works with us has given her notice due to the fact that she is having issues getting custody of her child just due to the fifty hour work weeks she is putting in and the questioning as to whether she would have any time for her child should she win custody.

My neighbour who works in another chain restaurant said that is the way it is working in the corporate restaurant climate. When they transfer you somewhere and you refuse , they just buy you out and say you don’t have a job anymore.That happened to one of the managers where he worked.

So as far as working in corporate and being a supervisor and moving up to manager the best prerequisite would be to just be single and younger.

I will just stick to getting the teaching career going and being a waiter and having some time for my family.



  1. I never would have gotten into this crazy business if I had any idea of what it was really like. Now I’m here, what can I do?

  2. Banquet Manager…you are so right. I am just trying to do it some of the time. I cannot work long hours anymore so I don’t. My body is wracked. I am pushing 50 and just want to hang it up some time but I can’t.If I can teach though it is a way out then I may only need to wait a couple of evenings a week then it would be fun. More on a blog soon. I am going to talk about a plan…..

  3. I have to agree with the single part. People with children just can’t work the hours that people with out can. Being single myself,I know it is easier to pick up shifts and work the long hours without anyone waiting for me. But I have to say that sometimes being single and childless can make it kind of an obligation to work the long hours.

  4. Lone hit the nail on the head.I have a 6 and 4 year old and it’s tough.And when you are single your life is work cause like you say you pick up the shifts and work long hours.At least my wife is also a waiter so she understands. We do the best we can but I am through with the 50 hour work weeks.

  5. management is tough. long hours. supervising numbskulls. Working for ogres. no win.think happy thoughts, mtw

  6. Mike…like you say , better to just think happy thoughts.

  7. I've been waiting tables for 23 years now.. and all I've ever done is watch managers come and go and come and go..ect.. I've been offered management positions and always said no way. Double my hours for less money and probably transferred or fired at any minute..most thankless job ever.. like you say. work your 4-6 hour shift go home and leave work at work.. ahhh….

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