Can You Make Sure it is a Good Cut

Table 24 comes in tonight and it is a couple of I call them kids as they look younger than 25 years of age. The guy says he is friends with one of the cooks here who happened to be off tonight.I mention that is great as now they will be able to enjoy their meal in peace.Everyone laughs.

They are the last of the big time spenders when they just want water to drink and order an appetizer to share to start off.Fair enough.

Then when they are ready to order their entree the guy wants a Ribeye steak but this time he wants a good cut not the fatty one he had last time.He says make sure it is a good cut…

So here is my question to you and what is his motive?

Did he want an especially nice cut because

a. he wanted a little bit more quantity.
b. he wanted to impress his girlfriend.
c. he maybe was hoping to get a discount if it was not a cut of meat he liked.
d. he was testing me.
e. he was actually telling the truth.
f. all the above.

And what did I do…….

a. run and tell the kitchen make sure the Ribeye was a nice beautiful piece of meat.
b. say I don’t believe that could have possibly happened as all Ribeyes I serve have been good.
c. punch the order in on the Squirrel system and just note make it a nice cut.
d. ignore him.

The answers to the first question is f , all the above. The answer to what did I do is d, ignore him.

I ignored him because I wasn’t the one who served his table last time so I really don’t know if he is telling the truth cause I wasn’t witness to his last steak.Also I might add he asked me what looked better to me tonight the NY Steak or Ribeye? So it might have even been the NY he ordered last time , who knows?

When I said the Ribeye I set up a positive expectation for the guy.I could have said NY it would not have made any difference.

The point of this story is ignore at all times people who start talking about some prior visit.That is history and what matters is now.I really don’t know or care what happened ages ago.You are here now and I am serving you.

By the way he takes it home and I did bring the take-out container to him (see previous blog).He gives me two $50 bills and wants change.I asked him how much he wants back.He says I don’t know.I take the dirty plates away and come back and he finds all of sudden some 10’s and 5’s leaving me a $15 tip on $65 Bill. Over 20%.

Thank you very much. Another happy customer.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts?


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