Summer of 87

So you are asking why this title when we are in 2008! Okay I will tell you why I bring up this year.Today the stock markets crashed and they haven’t crashed this bad since 1987.

I started to think as some people do when they hear of dates in the past what the heck was I doing at that time.Well I basically took the year off. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to collect unemployment insurance and go learn French.

I had just finished working on a cruise ship and was going back to Montreal to ponder my next move when the thought occurred to me that why not collect UI , take this course and should I decide to stay in Montreal at least I would be able to get a job there knowing the French language.

From January to June I went Monday to Friday from 9 to 3 to learn French. I stayed with my Mom and rode my bike ( about 8 miles ) to school. That was spring time of course , not winter.

With the school teaching both English and French we went on trips together with the other classes so it was a great social time as well.

During this class I found out information about an exchange between Switzerland and Canada which led me in January of 88 to go to Switzerland and work there for 2 years.

Once the school ended in June and I found work in Switzerland beginning the following year I just let my unemployment insurance run out in December.All I did during the rest of the year is practice the French and have coffee with friends.

So 1987 was special for me with great memories of a hot lazy summer , learning a new language , and looking forward to a new adventure overseas.

Significant as well it was the last year I never worked.

Imagine that!

What were you doing back in 1987? I would like to hear it..



  1. Hi again. I’m no longer on your blogroll?

  2. Sous gal….Sorry I made a change and inadvertently left you somewhere.You’re back on.

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