So Do You Want a Tip Out or Not??

Okay today was busy. I sold just over $1300 and at an average of $15 per person you can figure out how many people that was.

The only sore point I had is when the useless host came up to me and said I need this table. Sure I said well if you need the table while I am busy running around how about if you clean it. Like what do you think I am doing? Sitting here and twittling my thumbs.




  1. I'm not working as a tour guide, but I'm a public worker, because we don't have a good infrastructure o hotels and guest houses, but usually we receive 10 percent in the capital when we go to a restaurant and we don't pay anything for have lunch, in addition the guide's rate is 200 reais a day, for about 120 dollars per day, that it.

  2. Tour Guide….120 dollars a day isn't bad at all.

  3. No, it isn't but I'm not working as a tour guide, I receive about 400 dollars a month as a tour coordinate I'm trying to develop the tourism in my region.

  4. English Tips…that is great. A good cause useful to society.

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