Thanks for Stopping By

Just wanted to say thank you to all who are regular readers of waiterextraordinaire and also to those of you who have been first time viewers recently. I do try to make it as interesting as possible and it appears the word is getting out with my views on the upswing and the followers on the rise.

Recently I stopped the Wednesday travel post and started writing thoughts on the industry to replace it. The Tuesday quiz appears to be a winner and the Monday ramble on my work history is providing good entertainment at the beginning of the week. The wine post on Thursday will continue coming as long as people want it.

One thing I plan on doing is writing a book on bartending , let’s say the 50 top cocktails a bartender needs to know mixed in with some personal experiences on my own career bartending and serving food. How that will work out I don’t know but I am going to try. I would like to start and finish over the next 6 months.

Aside from this update , work has seen a slowdown and where my wife works the inn’s forecast for April is 600 rooms short of budget. That is a staggering 20 rooms a day!

So I will keep posting as often as I can but in the meantime if you think anyone you know would like to follow this blog on a regular basis and you find it interesting as well join the group of 12 followers I have on the right of this post. If not and you want to remain anonymous , join the email readership by subscribing and getting the blog sent directly to your inbox. However you wish. You can always unsubscribe later or stop following.

If not , that is fine just drop by and say hello once in a while and comment good or bad. I as most bloggers do love comments.

Finally thank you fellow bloggers who have put this blog on your blog roll! I know that without your support my readership would not be as many people as I presently have.

Have a great day!



  1. And thank you for visiting me as well. It’s a great little community here, I think. Right now, I am working on a house drink for the golf course where I work. Something with lime, lemonade, vodka, with a bit of fizz, along those lines. I have the taste in my mouth, I just need to put it into a glass. Make sense? Kind of like blogging, in a way:)Take care, you have a great blog, full of helpful information.Cheers!

  2. Chris…I think it is a great community as well. That drink you are concocting reminds me of one that I made at the Badminton and Racquet Club for members and that was a beer mug with some sugar syrup , a half lime squeezed and dropped in and soda. A real thirst quencher it was.

  3. I have grown to really enjoy visiting your blog……and reading about your long and illustrious career……keep it up!

  4. Thank you WE for visiting my site as well.From a statistical perspective, having a community creates what is called spider links that helps our blogs be found via search engines and so on. Alway enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Manuel…thank you it means a lot.

  6. Performance Improvement…thank you for your support.

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