If My Wife Hadn’t Set A Goal…..

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how I met my wife on the ship where both her and I worked and the strange set of coincidences that happened when we parted ways twice and I happened to transfer to another ship that she was going on etc etc….then we ended up dating and getting married.

Well a couple of years before this , my wife from Iceland went to the United States to be an au pair for a year living with this family in Virginia. As it turned out this family took a yachting holiday in the Caribbean during the winter of 1994 for a few weeks and one of the places they happened to stop was St. Thomas.

There was a cruise ship at the pier that day which was Renaissance 5 and she said to herself you know one day I will work on a cruise ship pointing at the one at the pier. She took a picture of it and still has it in a photo album of that yachting holiday she took with her au pair family.

You want to know who was working on that ship that day? It was myself ! Way before we met.

Amazing isn’t it?



  1. that’s freaking awesome!! I love the random ways we meet people, and the huge impact that it creates in our lives!

  2. G.H….that was pretty awesome is right.Amazing!

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