The Thursday Quiz

This week’s edition should be a good one for all of you brilliant minds out there.

1. Nasi Goreng is a staple of which country? The Dutch which should give you a hint have adopted this dish and called it rijstafel which literally means rice table.

2. We have a salmon on our menu that has this sauce as an accompaniment? It is made up of olive oil , garlic , parmesan , and fresh basil. What is the name of this thick sauce that originated in Genoa Italy?

3. Suitable for slow-cooking , simmering , or braising foods , this is a small long-handled saucepan often used with a lid. Formerly made of earthenware but now of stainless steel , can you tell me the French name of this saucepan?

4. Soringue was a typical fish dish of 15th century cookery. What was the fish in this dish?

5. Tabbouleh is a specialty throughout the Middle East and is served as a cold entrée and traditionally wrapped in cos ( romaine ) lettuce leaves and eaten with the hands. Can you give me the country where Tabbouleh is a specialty? Hint: The country is in the same area and begins with L.

No wine this week. Just food from different parts. Good luck!



  1. I never did this before, so, I am supposed to put down my answers, right? Doesn't that spoil the fun for the others??? Anyway:1. Indonesia (yummy!)2. Pesto Genovese (yummy!!)3. casserole (same word in German)4. ??? (never heard of it)5. Lebanon (yummy!)

  2. Megaphon…you did real good.The answers are posted later tonight. Thanks for playing!

  3. 1.Indonesia (never would have guessed without the Dutch hint!)2. That's a pesto sauce, but aren't the nuts missing??? I thought that pesto from the north has walnuts, and pesto from the south has pine nuts.3. Casserole is the French word for saucepan. Another pot suitable for slow cooking, but lacking the long handle, is called a "marmite".4. 15th C? Wow. The word sounds a lot like the french word for "syringe", so I guess I will go with sea urchin. :)5. Lebannon, although I reckon they eat tabbouleh in Lybia too!

  4. Liz…that saucepan answer I have a different one out of the Larousse Gastronomique but the rest you did very well. I haven't seen nuts in Pesto before , that is interesting. Sea urchin is wrong but I had to put a hard one in there. Good job!

  5. Sorry I have missed you twice now, have been rather bogged down with plenty happinin. Will try to be on time next week!! Now I have to catch up on your posts. Yes pesto does contain nuts (pine nuts) but you can leave them out for certain dishes.Off to work now c ya

  6. Ranting Chef…alright I learned that the Pesto can contain pine nuts.Thank you chef! Have a great week!

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