It Is That Time Again – The Quiz

Okay here we go with the Tuesday quiz. The quiz that is both interesting and useless at the same time because most of these questions however interesting they may be , offer no real help in the day to day service we provide to the patron who comes for food and drink in our establishment. In other words no one ever ask for these tidbits of trivia. Never!

Here it goes anyway…. Answers later.

1. The cocktail Black and Tan is 1 measure Dark Rum , 1/2 measure lime juice , 1/2 measure orange juice , 1/2 tsp sugar all in a glass shaker. Shake it well and strain into a tall glass and top up with ginger ale. There is one ingredient missing. What is it???

2. Cherry Heering was invented by Peter Heering over 150 years ago. Which country did it originate from? In other words where did Peter live?

3. Kummel has what predominant flavour aside from cumin , oris root , and fennel?

4. Pink Gin is a drink consisting of a shot of gin and what?

5. Choose the one that is different from the other three?

Slivovitz , Tzuica , Mirabelle , Quetsch

The answers later on. Good Luck!!!



  1. Have I not warned you about these quizzes…..I really must remember next week…….heh

  2. Manuel…tell me , tell me , what must I be warned. Will people seek revenge on me? It will not go too much longer. I promise. How many more stupid quiz questions can I come up with anyway?

  3. I think they are great!I used to go with a girl named Suzie Slivovitz. She was Scotch Irish and Cherokee. liked to drink a lot of Cherry Heering and Annie Green Springs Peach Creek Wine.if you gave her Brass Monkee and a Quaalude, she was unstoppable.

  4. Bulletholes…Suzie must have been a wild one.Did she have a blue plum??

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