Called Cot in the Medoc where it produces an early maturing , soft , mouthfilling , low acidic wine , it is of not great significance. Where it is popular for winegrowers in the Bordeaux region is the Bourg and Blaye region. However finding a cot from there is difficult to accomplish.

In Cahors where the Malbec grape is called Auxerrois , during the pre-phylloxera days the grapes were grown on rugged limestone vineyards which produced wines full of tannin , flavour , and so much colour they were referred to as the “Black Wine” of Cahors. Nowadays the vineyards are located in the richer vineyard land alongside the river Lot. The wine of Cahors are made up of a minimum of 70% Malbec ( or locally called Auxerrois and Cot in the Medoc ) with Merlot and Tannat making up the difference.

The wine in Cahors is known for it’s leaner wines with dry tannins , fairly good acidity with the nose of blackberry fruit and pencil shavings similar to a Bordeaux style.

Where you see Malbec taking a front row seat though is in Argentina where full rich fruity , spicy reds with flavours of blackberries and I detect some chocolate as well. Pretty high in alcohol , somewhat spicy , nice tannins and acidity too , a Malbec partners well with a spicy beef such as a grilled steak with a pepper sauce.

What I like most about Malbec is as well as being a great drinking wine it is of great value in the store especially the ones from Argentina. In today’s tight times when people are watching their budgets you cannot go wrong with Malbec. For some of the old world style go with a Cahors and for a new world style that has a bit more fruit go with an Argentine Malbec.

I do not believe you will be disappointed….



  1. I do love a good Argentinean Malbec…..good post dude….

  2. Manuel..thank you for that. It is a nice wine to drink.

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