Bartending Course Update – All Good News

I have some good news from the Bartending Course I am teaching to share with anyone out there who may be interested in knowing what my mid-course evaluation summary was like. Last week the students were asked to give an evaluation on the course and me.

Here were some of the comments.

Great teacher , lots of fun.
I have learned a lot in this class.
Steven is very nice.
I never realized the knowledge you needed but it is interesting overall.
Fun , entertaining , funny.
Steve is very knowledgeable and funny to listen and learn from.
Enjoyed going and seeing the different environments.
This class really helps you learn hands on. You gain experience from the classroom.
Good course , good instructor!
Very knowledgeable.
Really enjoyable class , entertaining and informative.

I guess the most important thing I look for is this question.

To this point has this course met your overall expectations?

Yes – 100% No – 0% Somewhat – 0% No Response -0%

My last class I was getting in the 90% range but to get 100% I am delighted to say the least. It just wants me to do better the rest of the class.

Already because I happen to know everyone in the biz locally I will be helping two people land work this week before the course even ends on December 1st.

I will hopefully pick up another class in the Winter and I would really like to teach Wine and Grape Varieties because I hear their may be a demand for it locally at least at the College level without having to drive downtown for one.

I never thought I could teach something with only High School education nowadays but I guess experience counts for something. I really love this teaching of bartending.


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