A distinctive pale yellow , herb liqueur from Italy Galliano was first made as a tribute to a Major Giuseppe Galliano by Armando Vaccari in 1896.

The major held the fort of Enda Jesus for 44 days before he was ordered to surrender during the Italian – Abyssinian war of 1895-96. To this day a picture of this fort is on the label of every bottle.

First made in Livorno Italy , it has since moved to a modern liqueur plant in Salara near the city of Milan. Made from a blend of over 30 different herbs and a variety of flowers , berries , and roots , vanilla and anise is added then all the ingredients are infused and distilled into a delicious spirit.

After distillation it rest in glass tanks for 6 months during which all the flavours are allowed to harmonize then it is filtered and bottled.

Galliano is known for the Harvey Wallbanger and how this drink came about was there was a skilled surfer in California by the name of Harvey who had lost a competition so to console himself he went up to the bar and ordered his usual Vodka and Orange Juice ( Screwdriver ) and floated some Galliano at the top. After a few too many when he got up to leave he bounced from wall to wall earning the nickname Harvey the Wallbanger and from that time on the drink carried his name with it.

Interesting indeed as well as Harvey Wallbanger I like it too with White Creme de Cacao and cream in the Golden Cadillac.



  1. quality bottle too…….hehehehe

  2. As I remember from my bar days (not tending, DRINKING!) there are several variations on a Harvey Wallbanger: Up against the Wall, mexican style etc etc. Do you get requests for them?

  3. Manuel…the shape of it is quite original isn’t it?

  4. Bad Yogi…Welcome Bad Yogi. I don’t get any request for them but I do know that any drink with Wall in it has Galliano and the one drink I have heard from way back is Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall. Sloe Gin , Southern Comfort , Vodka and OJ for Screw and Galliano floated at the top. That is a neat one.

  5. I always liked galliano…. on the rocks with a splash of cream (is an “Italian Hurricane”) … but my favorite application is in the old standby….”harvey wallbanger”—which turns into a “freddie fudpucker” if the vodka is replaced with tequilla. You have to be careful though. Galliano is sometimes used so little that it can attract fruit flies. Always better to drink from a fresh bottle!

  6. there is a couple of drinks you mentioned I will have to pass on to the class.Didn’t know those. You’re right about the flies too.

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