A Humourous Moment

Sometimes I can be quick witted and last night was a good example.When I approach a table and quickly eye over the guests I can pretty much tell how I can act with them.

If they are serious I act a little more serious.I might say good evening how are you or something like that.Or, if they are younger then maybe a less formal approach like, how are you all doin’.The hard of hearing I will speak softly in a bent over postion and say , how is your day, or something to that effect sounding like a doctor.

But whatever the case , what I like to do whenever I can is inject a bit of humour to make everyone feel relaxed.After all they do not know me nor I them and I read somewhere that if you can get someone to laugh you are instantly likeable which is something I always strive for.It makes any mistakes that come up during service easily forgiveable as well which of course doesn’t happen that often.That’s the goal anyway.

So last night to break the ice I had a party of 3 sit down and when I asked them for drinks two of them knew what they wanted so I got their drinks.When the third asked for a Mai Tai I replied , ” No I am sorry you cannot have my tie,” while pointing to my tie. They all laughed and had a nice dinner.

The point I am making is have fun waitering and inject a little humour in what you are doing.After all we are the same.We all like a good laugh.

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