As some of you might know I have been writing my story since last March and now I am on Chapter 39 nearing the end of this long memoir detailing some of the crazy things I got myself in. So just for fun rather than have people sign up for the email sent out each […]

Fireworks in Iceland    Click on the fireworks in Iceland for the link  to see some awesome fireworks from Iceland. This is no symphony of fire or some controlled fireworks in some park. This scene is just a tad of what you would see if you were there in person. Everyone lights them up. Happy New […]

Well the results are in for 2012. I am off tomorrow night and the wife is off tomorrow having finished off her week shift today before the holiday. Our income was higher than the year before by just under $4000. I made less but she made more which makes sense since the previous year she […]

The one thing I notice as I get older is when you are young and you wait on tables you care a lot about what happens then when you have been doing it a long time it doesn’t matter so much because you have seen it all before.

Thank you all for reading in 2012 and I wish you all the very best in  2013! Take the time to be thankful for what you have.

I was listening to the radio the other day while driving to work and Rick Mercer was talking about his book. Now most Canadians know him as a comedian who has his own comedy show. Featured on his show is a rant. That is when he talks full out for a couple of minutes on […]

At work the schedules are posted thru till the first week in January so everyone can make plans. I took a look and I am off the 25th,26th,27th and work the 28th and 29th. Then I am off the 30th which I requested and the 1st because I figured I would be working the 31st. […]