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Ten Things You May Not Know About Wine

Belinda Jackson’s blog has an interesting post on her informative wine blog. Check it out by clicking the title.

Thursday Quiz

Here you go for this week’s quiz. 1. An Americano cocktail and a Negroni cocktail both have sweet vermouth and campari in them. What liquor does the Negroni have that the Americano does not? 2. CrĂ©py is a light bodied white wine that can be made slightly sparkling coming from the slopes of the Haute […]

The 5 Answers

Okay here it goes. 1. Du Barry in French cooking will always contain white cauliflower in the dish. 2. Debarrasser la table will mean clear the table. The accent on the first e is missing but not sure how to get the French keyboard to get that fixed. 3. Crecy in French cooking will have […]

Oak and Wine

Oak is used most often for storing wine because it is easy to work with and is watertight unlike other woods. There are other woods that are utulized elsewhere such as chestnut found in some places like the Rhone Valley , but it is so porous and tannic that it has to be lined with […]

Some Points To Know When Matching Wine With Food

For service personnel who work in an establishment where the guests like to ask what is the best wine for a particular dish here are some points to consider upon selecting the best one. 1. Weight – match the weight of the food to the wine. For example a simple chicken breast with a white […]

Some Notes on Port

Everyone knows what port is for the most part but here are the notes I give to the bartending class on the subject. Of course , every bartender is interested in mixing cocktails but they must also have some knowledge on fortified wines such as port. Although not extensive , these notes on port is […]


To continue from last week on Madeira and on fortified wines that were pretty popular in the past but not so much now , we are going to talk a bit about Marsala. Marsala comes from the island of Sicily and it’s name derives from the port of the same name located at the northwest […]


Today’s wine post is about a fortified wine that comes from the island of Madeira which belongs to Portugal in the Atlantic. I have had the opportunity of stopping for a day at the port of Funchal doing a crossing of the Atlantic while working on a cruiseship. What a beautiful island it is too! […]

Cabernet Franc

The lesser known of the 3 grapes that make up the Bordeaux blend , Cabernet Franc buds early and ripens early just after Merlot and before Cabernet Sauvignon. While the latter provides the structure and tannin to a Bordeaux , Merlot the softness and suppleness , our featured grape provides the aromas. A lighter less […]


I bought a bottle of Chianti Classico a few days ago so this week why not talk about a grape variety where , except for a few plantings in California where the finished product is varily expensive and Argentina who are experimenting with it as well , Italy is it’s home. At least one time […]