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Wonderful Chardonnay Wine Comes From Oregon And Jory Soil

Here is an interesting article on Chardonnays from Oregon. Real informative.

Exploring Lesser Known Grape Varieties

Here are some grape varieties you may never heard of. This site has some real good features on wines. Check it out to see if you know some of them.

A Good Post On Classic White Wine Grape Varieties

From Suite101 here are some classic white wine grapes and their characteristics.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Wine

Belinda Jackson’s blog has an interesting post on her informative wine blog. Check it out by clicking the title.

Thursday Quiz

Here you go for this week’s quiz. 1. An Americano cocktail and a Negroni cocktail both have sweet vermouth and campari in them. What liquor does the Negroni have that the Americano does not? 2. CrĂ©py is a light bodied white wine that can be made slightly sparkling coming from the slopes of the Haute […]

The 5 Answers

Okay here it goes. 1. Du Barry in French cooking will always contain white cauliflower in the dish. 2. Debarrasser la table will mean clear the table. The accent on the first e is missing but not sure how to get the French keyboard to get that fixed. 3. Crecy in French cooking will have […]

Oak and Wine

Oak is used most often for storing wine because it is easy to work with and is watertight unlike other woods. There are other woods that are utulized elsewhere such as chestnut found in some places like the Rhone Valley , but it is so porous and tannic that it has to be lined with […]