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Never Take Anything for Granted

I guess the only piece of advice I would like to give to any service professional out there is never take anything for granted. As a waiter if a table says their food is good check back later and see if they are still enjoying the meal by saying something like , everybody doing okay […]

People’s Reaction On My Last Night

You always get a few remarks on your last day which might indicate people’s mood toward the place in which they work. Some of the ones are: 1. I wish I was the one that was leaving. 2. Wish it was my last night. 3. You are a nice guy and smart getting out now […]

So Where Is My Chicken Caesar?

The other night I am working and this lady orders a chicken caesar. Twenty minutes later I am still waiting for it. I can’t believe it is not out yet. I go into the kitchen and ask where is my chicken caesar for table 109. The cook barks back it is already gone and I […]

A Pleasant Surprise

I went to my place of work today only to find out that the other restaurant ( the one I like ) needed me to replace someone that was sick. Now this is a good thing. Had a great night and next week I am replacing someone who is going on holiday in the same […]


This will only take you 3 seconds to read so read it again and think about your life. Accepting one’s own limitations is a major key to happiness. We all have them. Have a good week and I will keep on keeping on. Working 10 days in a row starting today.

Busy Getting Slammed

The other day and for the next two weeks there are 3 of us working breakfast and early lunch. One person went on holiday. So my section was from table number 121 to 142. That is right 22 tables in my section. During the shift I sold more than I did the previous night working […]

I Guess I Am Just a Normal Joe Right Now

I am working 5 days a week and getting paid for 8 hours a day. How many waiters out there work 8 straight hours without a break between breakfast to lunch? You can take a break of 30 minutes but why bother if you are going to miss some tables. Where I work all I […]

Someone Should Kick This Guy in The Head!

So this hotshot 26 year old waiter who thinks he is better than everyone else says to me he is going for a quick smoke and can I watch his 3 tables. He leaves me his card. The host immediately sits 3 people in his section like an idiot because he didn’t tell her he […]

The Corkscrew is Getting Rusty

This morning when I got up I glanced at my corkscrew that I haven’t even put in my pocket since I left my last job. It sounds like I am in mourning for not being around some fine wines but my $15 average guest cheque per person is much more profitable than someone who sits […]

Amazing Posts: 50 Things Everyone Should Know

This isn’t motivational but does provide some pretty useless fun information that not everyone knew. Click on the title and have a look at the 50 things hardly anyone knew or cared about much less. But it is pretty fun to read. Have a good week!