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Thank You Table of 15 for Your $2.50 Tip

I shared a party of 15 with another waiter last night and on a bill of $471 they left us $20 so after tip out we split $5. Thank you table for being so generous. I thought I would make less than that when I saw you arrive. Thank you Thank you Thank you for […]

Won Myself a Free Dinner

Well the voice audition didn’t go as well as I had hoped. He gave me some scripts to read and I don’t know whether it was the cold I was getting over or the frog in my throat but he kept saying talk in your normal voice. Ahem , I am right now it must […]

I Need Your Help Or Anybody Out There Who Likes Making Cocktails?

I want to write something that would interest people about something I have done or know about. I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities. One would be an instructional bartending book with recipes and an attached video. Or just the video alone. I know someone who would help me with the video. This […]

Never Take Anything for Granted

I guess the only piece of advice I would like to give to any service professional out there is never take anything for granted. As a waiter if a table says their food is good check back later and see if they are still enjoying the meal by saying something like , everybody doing okay […]

People’s Reaction On My Last Night

You always get a few remarks on your last day which might indicate people’s mood toward the place in which they work. Some of the ones are: 1. I wish I was the one that was leaving. 2. Wish it was my last night. 3. You are a nice guy and smart getting out now […]

So Where Is My Chicken Caesar?

The other night I am working and this lady orders a chicken caesar. Twenty minutes later I am still waiting for it. I can’t believe it is not out yet. I go into the kitchen and ask where is my chicken caesar for table 109. The cook barks back it is already gone and I […]

A Pleasant Surprise

I went to my place of work today only to find out that the other restaurant ( the one I like ) needed me to replace someone that was sick. Now this is a good thing. Had a great night and next week I am replacing someone who is going on holiday in the same […]