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The Quiz

Okay here it goes for this week. Obviously I need to do this as people who read my last few blogs on how I found jobs in the past probably thought me to be a bit silly. 1. What is paimyra and how is the pulp used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka? 2. […]

The Quiz For This Week

Here we go for this week’s quiz. Good luck to all! 1. What is the well known brandy from Greece called? 2. What is the name of the German brandy based herb flavoured bitters usually sold in single-nip portions and consumed in one quick gulp? 3. What grape is best known for making great vintage […]

The Quiz A Day Late

Thank you for your patience. Here it goes! 1. What is the name given to illicit whiskey distilled in Ireland? Another name for it is Mountain Dew. 2. What is the American term for raw fiery whiskey , also called rotgut? 3. What is a Whiskey Mick? 4. What is the native American name for […]

The Quiz

The Tuesday quiz is here again. Where do the weeks go! 1. This liqueur takes it’s name from one of the whiskies mentioned in Sir Compton Mackenzie’s book ” Whiskey Galore.” It is a blend of Speyside Whiskey and fermented comb honey. What is the name of this liqueur? 2. This liqueur is produced in […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz Time

Okay I am going to make this difficult this time around for a change , okay? The answers will be posted later tonight as usual. 1. Today you see in the liquor stores many different flavoured vodkas that are used to make many different martinis such as your raspberry or sour apple martinis. However in […]

It Is Quiz Time Again

Boy that week sure went fast so now it is time once again to bring you the Tuesday Quiz. Answers later…. 1. What is the traditional way of serving Sambuca to a guest? 2. Who is credited with being the father of bourbon whiskey and where did he make his first bourbon whiskey back in […]

Tuesday March 24th Quiz

Here we go again for that dazzling Tuesday morning quiz. Hey next Tuesday is the end of March and the start of warmth creeping back into the daytime temperature. Can hardly wait! 1. There is a liqueur that comes from Italy that is sold in a tall , narrow , clear bottle that contains a […]