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The Quiz

The Tuesday quiz is here again. Where do the weeks go! 1. This liqueur takes it’s name from one of the whiskies mentioned in Sir Compton Mackenzie’s book ” Whiskey Galore.” It is a blend of Speyside Whiskey and fermented comb honey. What is the name of this liqueur? 2. This liqueur is produced in […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz Time

Okay I am going to make this difficult this time around for a change , okay? The answers will be posted later tonight as usual. 1. Today you see in the liquor stores many different flavoured vodkas that are used to make many different martinis such as your raspberry or sour apple martinis. However in […]

It Is Quiz Time Again

Boy that week sure went fast so now it is time once again to bring you the Tuesday Quiz. Answers later…. 1. What is the traditional way of serving Sambuca to a guest? 2. Who is credited with being the father of bourbon whiskey and where did he make his first bourbon whiskey back in […]

Tuesday March 24th Quiz

Here we go again for that dazzling Tuesday morning quiz. Hey next Tuesday is the end of March and the start of warmth creeping back into the daytime temperature. Can hardly wait! 1. There is a liqueur that comes from Italy that is sold in a tall , narrow , clear bottle that contains a […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay here we go with another edition of the Tuesday Questions and Answers. Are you ready? 1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France and _________ is to Portugal. A hint is all are brandies made from the pomace of grapes. 2. What is the name given to the pasta that is shaped […]

Answers To The Quiz Earlier In The Day

Here are the answers to this morning’s quiz. 1. A roux is a cooked mixture of equal amounts of flour and butter used to thicken many sauces. 2. Pommes noisettes are small potato balls cut out with a melon baller then lightly fried and browned with butter. A delicious potato I might add. 3. With […]

The Tuesday Quiz With A Different Twist

The last few weeks on this day I have been putting on this quiz for those people that are in the know about drinks and fortified wines but today I am going to put a couple of questions in regarding cuisine since a lot of readers are chefs out there. So here it goes , […]

Tuesday Quiz Answers

Okay you have to admit in comparison to the earlier quizzes this one was not as difficult or was it? Here are the answers. 1. Malibu , of course. 2. The liqueur nicknamed the nectar of the gods is Forbidden Fruit. 3. Advocaat that comes from the Netherlands is the liqueur that goes into the […]

The Tuesday Quiz

Here we go with this week’s quiz. Answers to be posted later. 1. What is this popular liqueur called made from the finest Caribean white rum and flavoured with tropical coconut? 2. This American liqueur is made from a large citrus fruit called shaddock which resembles a grapefruit and has a bittersweet character to it. […]