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Dubai – 1994

Only one overnight did I spend in Dubai while I was on the ships but that one night out a whole bunch of us went to where the bars and nightlife were. You’d think we were in a western country not in a country where we think only dessert and camels exist. High rise office […]


Called Cot in the Medoc where it produces an early maturing , soft , mouthfilling , low acidic wine , it is of not great significance. Where it is popular for winegrowers in the Bordeaux region is the Bourg and Blaye region. However finding a cot from there is difficult to accomplish. In Cahors where […]

Scotland 1995

Between contracts on the ship I always managed to get away to somewhere so it was 3 weeks in July I was touring around the British Isles. I was seeing this time around Scotland , Ireland , and Wales. I had a Brit Rail pass and if you want to know something I used it […]

So Much For Settling Down

Last week in my job history post I found a spot in Montreal where I was a Bar Manager in an exclusive private club which serve politicians , lawyers , and other people with lots of money. It was days only with weekends off and 3 weeks off in the summer when the club closed. […]

Time To Start My Own Company

Had a visit with my Mortage Broker today. We received something in the mail from him asking us to give him a call for a free mortage review at our convenience so I thought rather than throw the opportunity away it would be a good idea to give him a call to see what’s up. […]

Cabernet Franc

The lesser known of the 3 grapes that make up the Bordeaux blend , Cabernet Franc buds early and ripens early just after Merlot and before Cabernet Sauvignon. While the latter provides the structure and tannin to a Bordeaux , Merlot the softness and suppleness , our featured grape provides the aromas. A lighter less […]


Located between St.Malo and The Somme in Normandy France is the apple rich area of France known as Calvados where one of the world’s famous fruit brandies originates. With the city of Caen as it’s capital , this region of production was first named in 1949 and has 11 sub-regions within Calvados itself. The best […]