I was listening to the radio the other day while driving to work and Rick Mercer was talking about his book. Now most Canadians know him as a comedian who has his own comedy show. Featured on his show is a rant. That is when he talks full out for a couple of minutes on something that is bothering him and usually it is something political.

Anything that comes up newsworthy that week that warrants an opinion usually it is great fodder for Rick. Anyhow he stated something that hits the nail on the head. We Canadians are becoming complacent. Meaning governments put anything through now and no one will speak out about it. There is no one voicing their opinion anymore.

Heck hardly anyone votes anymore.

And to take it a bit further in general the worst thing that can happen to an individual is to become complacent. Someone can have everything going for him or her and think they have it made in the shade and sit back. Just when they do that things start to go wrong. Maybe not overnight but over a period of time. They think the gravy train is never going to stop making their way.

You have to stay sharp and have some humility at the same time. The same work that got you where you are now and heading will require the same effort all the time. The higher you get the more that is expected. If you are on the bottom rung you probably could do more if you were not so laid back and complacent.

If the great inventors of the world were complacent they would have given up long before they made their mark.

I am lucky I have two smart boys but the other day we were discussing complacency. I said to them you are smart now and am very proud but now you have to stay smart. You gotta keep your minds always open to learning and taking on new challenges. You are either moving forward or backward in life. There is no stationary position. A car idling eventually moves forward or backward after time if you stick it in neutral.

As a waiter if I start thinking about how great I am at that moment I will enter something wrong on the sale machine. Or something else will occur. When it is real slow I see a lot of waiters make mistakes and it is because they get complacent. Like it is not busy tonight so why pay attention to detail??

So as a people we have to avoid complacency or we will just rot mentally. I once heard a 747 jet will last longer if it is flying than if it is just parked doing nothing all day. Because when it is parked the parts start to cease and it begins to rust.

To avoid complacency just set a goal to do something well every time you do it. And then pick another and another till until it just becomes a habit.

Be focused and avoid being complacent. I think life would be a whole lot interesting if everyone did that.  

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