I Have New Year’s Eve Off

At work the schedules are posted thru till the first week in January so everyone can make plans. I took a look and I am off the 25th,26th,27th and work the 28th and 29th.

Then I am off the 30th which I requested and the 1st because I figured I would be working the 31st. I looked at it about a dozen times to check that they had given me off New Year’s Eve. So I am off that night as well.

Now initially I was kind of choked. Left out you could say and that night would be a good income producing night. I was thinking of trading with someone who wanted it off.

Then the other night I mentioned it to my son who is turning 11 on Boxing Day. He said that was great that I was off. Then I got to thinking I have never been off on New Year’s Eve since he has been alive. The last time I was off I think it was on the 2000 New Year’s Eve when the wife and I were in Iceland.

So I am taking if off and if they change their mind now it is too late. Sure I will miss out on the income but not the family this year.

We will do something together instead.


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