The Memoirs are Coming Along Nicely

I am up to 1988 now in my story of tending bar and waiting on tables. Heading to Switzerland in my next chapter. The fun begins for the next 8 years.

What I am happy about is this is my 18th instalment and I probably have another dozen left at the very least.

For those of you and I know who you are thanks for taking the time to read each week. When it is all said and done I will be asking for your feedback.

The blogging will probably not start up again till this is all over. Here and there perhaps but not many.

I am getting this done!


  1. Now where is this book? I have to sign up for it, is that correct? Umm-umm-umm….I'm one of these guys that hates signing up for anything.

  2. Bulletholes…just sign up where it says weekly email story to the right of the post and then don't forget to verify your sign up when you get the email.

  3. I HATE SIGNING UP. WHAT KIND OF TRICK IS THIS?I hate to sound like the cranky old chef that I am, but if I don't like it can I unsubscribe?I gotta know, man. Its not personal. There is a grocery store, you all know it, that if you don’t have their card, they over-charge you . So I caved in and got their card. I was tired of being over-charged.I was in last week. I bought toilet paper, deodorant, a box of Raisin Bran and two steaks. 50 bucks.So the girl at check out asks me if I want to join the "Just For Me" club, and receive additional savings.“The ‘Just for Me“ club will save you more. We can better track your spending habits” she says. “Its new.”“Your’e kidding” I say. “I just got the card last week.”How many cards , and how many clubs, and how much more information do they need about me in order that I might finally get their "everyday low price"?That’s what I want to know.Whatever happened to everyday low prices for everybody?What could be so unique about toilet paper and steaks and Raisin Bran? Cards and clubs?Is this capitalism? Or is it Socialiasm?I don’t even know anymore.Because I can damn sure do without it.

  4. Bulletholes..actually you have to subscribe then you are sent an email to verify you are actually you. I don't want anyone to get an email who never subscribed. Don't want spammers. Of course you can unsubscribe anytime. At the bottom of the email there is a button to unsubscribe. Relax bulletholes take a deep breath. I am not a grocery store clerk!

  5. just to throw them off, I changed toilet paper brands.

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