I Ordered the Salad

I get this table the other night. We have a feature Dungeness Crab Menu.

I am taking the order for this 6 top.

The lady says what I thought was Sirloin Dungeness Dinner. I repeat it back to her while writing it down. I ask her how she wants her steak cooked. She answers medium then I say okay medium. What kind of potato would you like with that? She says a baked potato. Okay I say.

Then I proceed with the rest of the table.

For her I bring out the melted butter and finger bowl. She doesn’t say anything.

The food comes out and we are putting the Sirloin Dungeness entree in front of her and she quips, Oh I ordered the Crab and Shrimp Salad….

Now do you think perhaps she might have caught on when I asked how she liked her steak cooked? Or what kind of potato? Or maybe when the finger bowl and warm butter was put in front of her?

Or maybe everywhere she has been they have asked how she likes her cold salad cooked???

Apparently it must have been someone who looked exactly like her whom I took the order from..

I have to say that will probably never happen again in my life time when someone gave me a totally different order than what they wanted despite me repeating back everything.

That was bizarre….



  1. Steve the only thing I can think – and I am being serious – is she may be in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimers and they just haven't diagnosed her yet. Alzheimers can strike as early as the 40s from what I understand. To be that far off from one order to the next is surreal to be sure because I don't think anyone can be that difficult just because they are jerking you around. Now I want steak and crab. heehee

  2. the thing was no one else picked up on it at the table.

  3. Listen I had something very similar to this happen to me a few years ago. A woman orders steak tips for her and her husband and she is even looking at the steak part of the menu and points to that on the menu. I ask her about her sides and she says fries and salad with ranch. I bring out the salads and she goes "Umm where are the steak tips." I couldn't help but say "They have to cook, so back in the kitchen on the grill." She goes no why aren't they on my salad. Long story short she claims she ordered a steak tip salad even the managers said she was stupid and wouldn't change her bill they just dumped the tips on the small side salad and told her to learn how to order next time…It was the strangest thing in my life.

  4. Anonymous…pretty amazing what sometimes happens in a restaurant isn't it?

  5. Steven…funny story. Another Twilight Zone moment in the service industry. I hope you got to eat her "mistake" dinner in the back!

  6. Caveman…No I passed on it. I usually don't eat at work anyway.

  7. I like to go to the local Subway sandwich and ask the new guy for Ribeye sandwich, and Big Macs, and pancakes and stuff.Like Skippy mom says, it could be Alzheimers….or she couldbe just totally distracted….there is a lot of that going around these days.

  8. Hmmmm….my comments are getting eaten.

  9. Bulletholes…true enough.It could be the start of it. The others at the table may have noticed too but didn't want to say anything. Good point Bulletholes! Thank you for the comment.

  10. Bulletholes…funny post. Yeah it is like that alright..

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