I Do Not Like This New Blogger Set-Up

I don’t know why Blogger has to tinker with their set-up. I was quite happy with the old one. Even as I am writing this if I pause the keyboard freezes and I have to wait to continue typing. All I wanted to do the old one had. You post and comment and check your audience. That was it. Simple to do.

It gives me more focus I suppose on the chapters I am writing each week. At least right now I can’t be bothered blogging. I stop, it freezes, then I wait to type again.

Maybe a month from now I will revisit and see if I have the patience. Right now it’s too stupid.


  1. I have to get over to my blog and blog something to see what everyone is talking about with the "new" blogger. Everyone hates it. But I haven't been up to posting lately, so I haven't seen the change. I have gone to open your next installment THREE times to read it – but I always end having to go do something else or I am just easily distracted. giggle [Must be the meds :)] I promise to read it today – it's like a present waiting for me! YAY! and let you know what I think. Good luck with blogger. Let me know how it goes. And if you move sites – tell me PLEASE! Have a good one Steven.

  2. You can switch it back to the old one- using the gear looking icon on the right hand side of the page- for now anyway it gives you the option of switching back.

  3. SkippyMom…you know I just may stop blogging for a while.I hope you are feeling better soon. The instalments read like a book so when you get a chance it is like a book. There is no hurry at all. There is probably going to be 40 of them so take your time. Take care always.

  4. Colenic…I have been checking it out and found what you are saying. You know I don't even own a cell phone so you know what this is all like for me. Heh!

  5. you can change to the old.

  6. Johnny Out…it used to have revert to old format but where it was is now gone. I use to like getting the cities that looked at the blog. Now I don't know from the new audience format how to get the cities in the dropdown or if even one exists.

  7. I waz going to comment but colenic told what I was going to. I don't like the new shizzle either, so I clicked around until I got it back to the way it was. I've never been able to determine (my meager) audience's location except what country and would love to be able to see what cities. Hell, it'd make me pretty happy to see what state or province! Good luck bro, see ya___-Joe

  8. Joe Sixtop…I think I am just for a while going to do that email chapter a week.I can switch to the old format but then it takes me back to the newer audience page. No one answers my query at google so like they really care about our opinion. I know my audience is dropping like a rock too cause of non posting but what the heck…

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