The More You Think You Know You Realize You Know Very Little

One thing becomes clearer the longer you work in this business. When you start out the first few years you think you know everything then as time goes on you realize you are like where you started. Starting from scratch.

The only way your experience is going to show through is knowing that you can make a mistake any moment so you take greater caution in making sure you don’t make one. And the only way you do that is each day admitting that even though you have done this over and over again you have to take great care with everyone and everything and pay attention to small details.

Something that without experience is hard to comprehend. It also keeps you sharp each day.

The day you think you know it all you better sit down and start all over again.

I would say waiting on tables is like greeting a table naked and hoping to make a good first impression. It is always a new beginning.


  1. Hey Steven. I had a good night at work tonight behind the bar and connected very well with several of my guests. When I told the older and more experienced bartender I was working with that I had made several friends that evening…he said, "Everyone is your friend that comes up to the bar. You just don't know it yet." Words of wisdom from a guy literally raised in a bar. Great post. We are always learning.

  2. Caveman…that is awesome! Never stop learning cause if you do you stop growing. Great stuff and all the best!

  3. and the more you know the more you forget

  4. Johnny Out….that is true or the more you want to

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