I’ve Been Relaxing Lately

I haven’t been posting at all on my blog lately and my newsletters have come to a standstill. To tell you the truth I have had no motivation to write at all.

Earlier in December I got the flu and got over it but throughout January and February have been coughing a lot. Now I am feeling better. Work has been busy throughout and it has been good.

To write about anything has been difficult. I mean since the blog started I have talked about everything. Been on TV a few times , shared some thoughts , been very opinionated at times and have tried not to be boring.

Things are going well. I am in a happy place. The kids and wife are dong fine.

I am trying to write this book on some experiences I have had but can’t get by a certain part. My early 20’s I try to remember certain things but in so doing remember how mixed up I was. Hard to write about. Once I get by that part I will be fine.

Happy about where I work and glad I returned there after the airport experience.

Really all I do is spend spare time with the family when not working. Tonight heading out to see Lorax with the family. Actually in about 10 minutes time.

My health is good. That is most important. A lot of people are getting sick out there. Dying young. Here is my theory on that. No matter what you do to stay healthy I think our number is pre-determined.

So just enjoy life and do what you can. Click on the title to hear this Tim McGraw Song. It is a good one.



  1. A good hint to get past this little bump in the book writing is to skip that part for now and write about the years after; the years when life was good and getting better. It may help put in perspective your mid 20s and the reasons you went through/had to go through what you did. Just don't stop writing – I want the book, dagnabit. heehee I understand it is also important to block out a certain amount of time each day, preferably at the same time, to write – just write – no distractions. If all else fails go back and read your blog. I'll give you a little hint – it's a GREAT read. I should know, I am your biggest fan. 🙂 Glad you are feeling better.

  2. SkippyMom…that is a good suggestion. After March break next week I am going to get back on it. Thank you for your kind words as always!

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