I Felt Like a Millionaire

Last night it was really busy. I am about to give the check to this table and I pull out a bill fold on the pile. In it there is $10.

There was no one around so I decide to put the bill into my wallet for safekeeping. The evening continues on and no one has yet to bring up this lost $10 bill.

So I am on the point of sale machine when I ask this other server how her dinner was last night cause she had dinner with her partner and I was the server. She says it was great but she wishes last night was tonight.

I ask why and she says one of her tables had left her $10 and it was gone. Immediately I pull out my wallet and hand her the ten dollars. The expression on her face well you might have thought I handed her a winning lottery ticket. Needless to say she was very thankful and I felt pretty great as well.

That was one moment in time when I felt like a millionaire.


  1. What you do… it comes back to you…

  2. Mike the Waiter… I believe that. Thanks Mike!

  3. Caveman…it was pretty good.

  4. You should have kept it and bought a six-pack later. I'm only joking. In a world full of greed, it's nice to read such a wonderful story of honesty. Good luck to you.

  5. Pete…thanks for reading Pete!

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