Try Disarming the Guest This Way

When I have been having a table that has complained about the meal and had it bought for them afterwards and consumed a free dessert on top of it , I always say this when I present the bill.

But for it to work you have to be completely sincere because if you are not it could backfire on you.

I say this , ” I hope the next time you come to the restaurant I will have another chance to serve you.”

If you say it right it totally freaks them out. Cause up to then they think they have been a big bother but when they hear that they give a sort of nervous chuckle and when they see you mean it they go away happier if not astonished that you would say such a thing.

Sometimes I would say it helps out with the tip at the end of the meal.

Like you actually showed you cared about their experience and want to turn it around to a more positive experience the next time they dine.

Try it but when you do you have to look them in the eye and say it sincerely.


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