It is Our Choice

You know the movie that came out a few years back called ,’The Secret.’

It talks about how you think and what you think generally ends up happening to you in one way or another.

I got to thinking about that more and more especially since I picked up an audiotape of the movie a week ago at the library.

In my profession as a waiter I should never complain. Question perhaps but not complain. Because if you complain generally it will always come back to bite you. If the guest leaves a lousy tip fluff it off. Maybe it was better than nothing. Maybe it was better than thinking at the beginning you were going to get a lousy tip.

A motto I follow that gets a lot of laughs is hope for the best but expect the worst. Not because I want the worst but because I can never be that disappointed if it is bad. A server needs to not get flustered if they get a bad tip or it will ruin the rest of the night for them. That tip might have been more than that person usually tips. How do we know??

Probably the most important thing anyone can do is before they go to work is expect a good day. At least with that thought in mind it probably will be.

Same with our personal life. Expect a good day when you get up in the morning. If you don’t there is no chance it will be. The first thing that happens you will say I told you so and it will just go downhill from there.

Many people sabotage their lives all the time cause they never leave the gate with positive affirmations. There is no energy right from the get go. Life is a drag.

I never had so much motivation as when we had our kids. I want everyday to be a good one and if it isn’t the best at least I gave it my best shot. I did what I could.

When I serve a table I am serving it for my family. There is a lot riding on that one table and I gotta make sure I do the best I can. Do I make mistakes? Hell yes I do. But I am human.

So what we do each day impacts us and others around us whether you think so or not. Our decisions effect others around us either positive or negative.

Make it a good day…

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