The Cool Thing About Technology

The last week I was at the airport I saw something that was really cool.

This guy sat down and ordered his meal and whipped out his laptop. Not uncommon as every other table seemed to be working on a laptop or texting someone on their blackberry. The meal most of the time seemed a reason for travellers to just be able to use the table to conduct business while on the fly so to speak between flights.

But this guy who was probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s put on an earphone and on his screen began talking to what appeared to be his wife and son on Skype.

All through his meal he was having a great conversation and when his meal was up closed his laptop and asked for his bill.

I couldn’t help but ask him if that was his wife and son he was talking to over the internet. Their faces were very clear. He said yes proudly and said they were in Auckland New Zealand and he had now been travelling 25 hours and had one more flight to go before his final destination of Montreal where he was originally from. He now lives in Auckland.

Wow I said isn’t technology amazing to be able to talk like that and see the person so clearly with so many miles in between. Who would have thought even 15 years ago you would be able to do such a thing.

I must admit I am not that excited about texting people but to see someone’s face 1000’s of miles and many time zones away and be able to talk too, that is incredible! That is communication at it’s very best. To see that person.

I guess that will be the next step for the smartphones unless I am already behind the times. When you can text someone and see them on your phone while doing so. I will have to watch out for that one. Real conversation begins when you can see the other person in my opinion.


  1. Yup, you can skype on quite a few smartphones now. The iPhone4 has two cameras, one on the back like a normal phone but also a front facing camera so you can still see the screen. There are also several Android phones that have the two cameras as well. It's pretty incredible.

  2. Caleb….well there you go. Thanks for bringing me up to speed. It is pretty incredible for sure. Maybe one day I will break down and get one. Probably when my kids move away so I can see them while talking. That is a few years away yet.

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