I Will Be On Nationwide Television October 6th

I will be on a customer service documentary that will be aired nationwide on October 6th at 9PM on a show called HotDocs. This is going to be on the CBC.

Last November you may have recalled I did a shoot for this documentary featuring me a waiter serving others in a restaurant.

Oh and another thing tonight in the Bartending class Rogers TV are doing some live shots of the class mixing some drinks and having fun. This is all part of the Georgian College feature where earlier in the week I did an interview.

This should give the course a boost for enrolment and the documentary in October should be real fun to watch. I mean really who gets on tv across the country like that in prime time no less!


  1. Too cool Steve! Yipppeee!

  2. Exciting!! I'll get to say I knew you when … 🙂

  3. Congrats sir. Things seem to be looking up.

  4. SkippyMom…for sure.

  5. Sous Gal…yah right….lol

  6. David…oh yeah I lead an exciting life for a waiter/bartender teacher. lol

  7. Too cool, please record a YouTube Video, nice to hear from you, this days I was interviewing on Globo TV in Brazil, I talked about the tourism landmark in the section my town. Congratulations.

  8. English tips-self-taught…that is very cool too.

  9. That's really awesome steve! I hope you will be granted some other kind of endorsement for the course at the college for your contributions and the attention it will receive!

  10. Flippingtables…hey you never know what could happen. Thanks for the congrats.

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