Bartender Gets One Day Suspension – I am Not Making This Up

Last week one of the cooks burned himself in the kitchen and was in some pain. The manager asked if he was okay and if he could still stay and do his job.

Now in nearly every case that I have heard of if something like that happens and it is a work accident you have to check it out by going to a doctor.

Well anyway this young guy comes out and now he is working with a burn on a hot stove and really in some difficulty coping with the pain. He comes out of the kitchen looking for the manager and mentions to Tony the bartender what had happened.

The manager comes back and now the cook really wants to go get it checked out. The manager retorts that he can still do some side duties instead of working over the hot plate. Tony jumps in and says to the manager , listen let the kid go and see a doctor and if the doctor says he needs time off let him take it.

The manager tells Tony to shut up and that he is the boss and to mind his own business. Tony yells back and tells the manager to go f**k himself and adds I don’t care if you suspend me he needs to see a doctor.

Well the cook went to the doctor and Tony served a day suspension for sticking up for his co-worker.

The funny thing is though the day before his suspension he was off and the other bartender was sick. They called Tony up to see if he could come in on his day off to work. He didn’t answer the phone but could you imagine if he did them a big favor and came in then the day after got suspended.

Tony when he returned was all smiles. I asked how he enjoyed his suspension and said it was great. The next time anyone gets hurt he said he will not be shy about jumping in again so he can get a day off. I said sure what about doing it on July 8 so he can get the 9th off he requested a few days earlier.

He laughed as did I. That appears to be the only way you can get a day off you want around here.



  1. When I read the title I thought it was the bartender that [fairly] wanted that day off.Wow.Think you can "sprain" your ankle in his presence Steve – I know it isn't a Monday, but do a guy a favor. 😀

  2. SkippyMom…have you ever heard of something more ridiculous than a worker getting suspended for that reason. Craziness….

  3. Unfortunately this is not funny and it happens worldwide, great entry, promoted on Facebook for friends.

  4. English tips….it is true and always happy to hear from you. Thanks for the plug. Better days ahead…….

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