Two of Us Working Breakfast This Morning

Ivan and I were there at 5:30 this morning to do breakfast. We set up and sat down and had a coffee and piece of toast. Then the people starting coming.

From about 7 till 10:30 never lifted our head or stopped to take a breath.

I will give you a picture of what it was like today.

No host so everyone could just sit down everywhere.
No food runner.
No supervisor.
The chef is an egomaniac. Ask her to do something and she screams at you you are no good and gets on the phone and calls anyone to tell them the waiters are screwing up.
People walking out cause their meal is taking too long.
The orders are not being made in the order they are punched in therefore people are seeing others get their food who sat down after they did.

Imagine taking orders and punching them into the computer while someone is wanting to pay their bill , food is waiting for you on the pass , someone wants to be seated , others are just sitting somewhere waiting for service all at the same time. All this and you still have to get people’s coffee and juices who you just took the order from.

On the machine at one time I had 30 open cheques that either were in play or needed to be closed.

A total headache and all I got was grief and just over a $100 for my efforts. On top of that my visas and debits did not match up that kept me there longer after my shift. Never did find out what the problem was.

My knee is swollen after working from 1:30 till 9:30 last night and being sent home so I could get some rest before I had to get up at 4 this morning for my commute to work to start at 5:30.

I am really fed up with this place right now. It is not worth the aggravation.

I am happy I am moving on back to where I was. This has not been a joyous experience at all.

June 30th will be my last day.


  1. I almost choked on the 30 open checks. bleech!I will help you count down the days Steve – the sooner the better.

  2. SkippyMom…and the 13th and 20th I have to phone in sick cause they wouldn't give me the night off to teach the bartending. I will burn my bridges on this one. It is okay though. They deserve nothing.

  3. You are right about that. It is one thing to treat a newbie bad, but to do it to those that have 35 years experience [the bartender] – how did they build any kind of loyalty.Wow.

  4. SkippyMom…unbelieveable.

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