For All You Bartenders Out There

Last night I had to work bar and tip out the host. Now I may be totally wrong here but since when does a host get tipped out by the bar???

The host does zip for the bar. This place where I work is full of people with their hands in everything. People fighting over tables , pilfering other people’s rollups , management yelling at workers.

I got stuff for a month in two days for this blog.



  1. I have never gotten the concept of anyone tipping the host[ess], even waiters. They are paid a decent wage and they are doing their job.But the bartender – that is really weird.

  2. SkippyMom…this place is weird. Never seen anything like this before ever…..

  3. Host(esse)s get an hourly wage that's not sub-minimum, right? Don't know why the heck they'd get tipped then…

  4. wbd…especially bartenders. Servers okay but bartenders??

  5. When I bartend the servers tip me out, so it seems that me tipping out the host would be counterintuitive. Weird.

  6. sorry my off-topic, I just desire for all bartenders here a wonderful weekend, greetings of Carlos from Brazil

  7. Sauce…you would think so.

  8. Carlos…I am glad to pass it on and you too have a great weekend.

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