What a Lousy Union!

Two weeks ago I called in sick and was told to get a doctor’s note. I got one and handed it to my supervisor. I didn’t get paid for the sick day of which I was told I hadn’t finished my probation of 3 months yet.

So why should I have to pay union dues before my probation ends if I am not eligible for any sick days?

Another thing is I am scheduled for 8 1/2 hour shifts. I have the extra 1/2 hour so I can take an unpaid lunch which I never take anyway. If this was a sharp union why wouldn’t I get paid for lunch and it be an 8 hour shift?

Lastly I don’t get paid for overtime on the same shift. In other words I have to work over 44 hours during a week to get any overtime. A long time ago I worked in a factory where if I worked an 11 hour shift I got paid 3 hours overtime for that shift. Come to think of it I have worked in restaurants without a union and gotten the overtime.

Is this a lousy union or what????



  1. by law employees don't have to pay overtime for anything under 44 hours. http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/pubs/guide/overtime.php

  2. Anonymous…so if that is true what is the point of having a union? Besides nearby I have worked in a place that didn't have a union and got paid the overtime.Sure and I guess by law employers can make us spit and shine a toilet if called upon too!

  3. Steve- It sounds like you should stick with returning to your previous employer and cut out the commute! Forget "the Union". The Union does are obvioulsy going into "the man's" pocket instead of those working to establish the Union in the first place. Smartly-run small restaurants are the way to go. I have worked for a couple of corporate restaurant groups and sure they can offer the benefit packages, but I feel they're not worth it in the long run unless you're planning on working yourself to the bone for pennies and retiring with the same company. Never settle for a pay cut, when looking at the bottom line!

  4. Flippingtables…actually I am going back to a corporate restaurant and not for the benefits but so I can have my life back and make more money per hour.Less hours , travel and a life where I see my kids once in a while.

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