I Started To Feel Like I Wanted to Get Outta There

Yesterday I went to get my temporary passcard for the airport so I wouldn’t have to be escorted in all the time by someone I work with through the secure area.

I had to go to this security briefing for 90 minutes at 8:30am till 10am then hung around till 11am to go get my picture taken and fingerprints done. Now I have that temporary pass so each time I go to work I have to go where the passengers go and take my shoes off etc…But at least I don’t need an escort.

Anyway after that I didn’t head home and instead had lunch nearby to start my shift at 2:30 till close. Now I accepted to work breakfast today and lunch.

So last last night I left at 10:45 and got home an hour later. Went to sleep after a couple of beers at 12:30 and got up to an alarm at 4am. Then I worked till 2:30 today.

I was beat. The last couple of hours I just wanted to get outta there. Couldn’t face another person.

Last night I served 80 people and 46 tables. About the same today. If you do the math it is less than 2 per table. Take their order and outta there. Everyone pays at once then you reset and do it again.

After serving 160 people over the last 12 hours and 90 tables I at the end couldn’t think straight. I was forgetting some stuff due to lack of sleep for one thing. 3 1/2hours sleep and the hour commute one way makes one slightly tired.

Tomorrow I don’t go in till 2:30 so that is a bit of a break.

I have to apologize to my fellow bloggers out there for not commenting on yours’. It is just enough for me to post myself at times.



  1. I really hope you have some of this weekend off Steve – that is amazing.The numbers that you do are crazy, but I understand the environment of an airport.Take care and please try to get some rest soon.

  2. SkippyMom…I work all weekend. I should make better money for the volume I do. But that is another post.

  3. SkippyMom…I work all weekend. I should make better money for the volume I do. But that is another post.

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