115 Years of Bartending Experience at One Place

I have always like working for younger people a lot more than older. Older people tend to be a little cynical that hang around the business too long to put it mildly and this group of bartenders that I work with fit in that category.

Two have 40 years experience and another has 35 years.

Now to put how long they have been there in perspective the ones that have been there 40 or so years , they started at the airport before the old Terminal 1 was built. They worked there when it was a shed and the props use to take off. You know the Viscounts and DC-3s.

One bartender who has the 35 years experience started out as a busboy in the restaurant when they did the tableside cooking on the gueridon. Now get this he is one year younger than I and I am only 52! That means he started when he was 17.

He started at the airport when I was walking around Olympic Village in Montreal during the summer Olympics in 1976. While he has worked there at this one place , grant it he was a bar boy, waiter then finally a bartender I have……..

1. Travelled around Europe when I was 18.
2. Worked on cruise ships and travelled around.
3. Lived in Switzerland and England.
4 Lived in 4 different provinces.
5. Had over 50 jobs.
6. Pretty much lived out of a suitcase for 10 years.
7. Married for 15 years and have two kids.
8. Speak French.
9. Teach Bartending.
10.Bought a house.

The list goes on.

Now this is how he thinks. I mentioned that I had to fight to get my Monday off to teach bartending and he says yeah you wouldn’t want to give up this job for that would you. Huh???

The night before on the train he says this company will screw you in the end as they don’t care.

Now why in the world would you spend 35 years in one place and have an attitude like that then on the other hand tell someone that you wouldn’t want any other job except this one?

Another question is if someone has to work that is one thing but you’d think with a union especially after 40 years you would get something wouldn’t you? Like a pension?

Another guy who is a pretty good guy said he wanted to quit after his first week 7 years ago. The life is sucked right out of this guy. He looks like a lifeless Mr. Bean.

Another one bragged that he has been suspended already twice this year but he doesn’t care for anything and that he really doesn’t have to work there.

I am not those people. Give me the younger more enthusiastic full of life crowd anyday.

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