Flippin’ Those Tables

Sunday was a good day and from what I gather this is not a busy time of year.

Today I served 74 people spread out amongst 37 tables and walked out with $196 after tipping out the host and bartender. I sold just under $1200 net before taxes.

There was a rush for breakfast between 8 and 10:30 then a pause finishing up with a flurry for lunch getting out just after 2.

My section for breakfast was 16 tables which is huge but they do not all fill up. It would be quite something if they did.

Apparently after Easter it picks up again. Who knows those $300 days may not be out of the question. I am making a good impression on the others. That is always important.

Two more mornings then off again mid week. Looking forward to it.



  1. Dang Steve – sounds busy, but moving and no hassles.Nicely done. That is great money. Enjoy.

  2. hi steven, u are one guy who seems to enjoy his work so much- else u wont bother to blog about it, keep it up and good luck on your tips 🙂

  3. That sounds like a great Sunday. I'm a bartender and in my last job I found Sundays to be a slow day. Glad to hear some people are doing well in this economy.

  4. Great way to stay positive. I hope you and the rest of us have $300 days ahead as well 🙂

  5. great blog post about the good days in serving. I bartend and Sunday's are usually slow for me. It's good to hear you are doing well.

  6. SkippyMom….I think this is going to be a good spot. Today was another good day and it flew by.

  7. Cookingvarieties…thank you for the nice comment. One good thing is where I work in an airport there is always guaranteed business.I do enjoy the work.

  8. Jennifer…I hope you will do good as well. Thanks for the kind words.

  9. I love your Post title here! 😉 It must be awesome flippin' tables at an airport! Everyone's on a schedule, but not too tight of a schedule, and is ready to be spending money and most likely hungry and thirsty! Sounds awesome Steve!

  10. Flippingtables….sounds fun but this restaurant I am now in is in need of organization and teamwork.

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