I have read this story before but came across it again. The message is timeless. Click on the title to read it.



  1. How nice Americans are thrown under the bus in that story. No offense, but not all Americans are like that and the last time I checked there are some pretty greedy, shallow businessmen/women of other nationalities that could fit in that story.I know the fact the antagonist is an American isn't the point of the story, but why are we always the bad guys?Nice parable, but I just wish it had said "business man" without the tag of American.

  2. Greetings of Carlos from Brazil, thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I'm so glad and thankfully for God, He provides everything I need, no money, but knowledge and will power to continue develop some Educative projects. In conclusion, I came to thanks for you and your readers, your visit is really important to me. Carlos.

  3. SkippyMom…oh for sure and it goes for any nationality not just Americans. In fact it probably was an American who wrote it and used America as an example. Instead of even business man could we replace that with just people in general? I know here in Canada we could easily replace Americans in the story. Sorry for that.

  4. Tour Guide…right on Carlos!

  5. The Restaurant Manager…glad you liked that one.

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