Does Anyone Know Why?

Until I started working in corporate restaurants did I have to work a training shift doing food prep.

Today I was portioning out french fries , sweet potato fries and prepping bacon. Now I know they want you to work in the kitchen during your training but does doing what I did today get me any closer to knowing what was on the menu?

Expo okay I get it. You see the finished product come out on the pass and what the sides are and all that that go with the dish. That I can understand. But unless you are going to be working in the kitchen , portioning out french fries does little if anything to prepare you for knowing the menu.

Besides since I have worked in corporate restaurants I have never seen a cook do a shift as a waiter. Think about that one….

Anyway other than that my first day went great!


  1. Hello friend, I'm Carlos from Brazil we're bloggers' friends care for exchange links?

  2. That was a fine counter at the end as I also have never seen a cook have to work a floor shift during training. This phenomenon of 'cross-training' does seem to be largely exclusive to corporate restaurants. The most upscale steakhouse in the major city where I live starts everyone, even waiters, off as dishwashers first. I can offer a few ideas of what it might all be about.1. They want to see if there is any work that the employee feels is 'beneath them'. If you'll labor for a short time at a low paying position that isn't what you were hired for, that's a strong indication that you're a team player.2. You will be more rounded, cross-trained, or otherwise have a 'from the inside' out perspective of the entire restaurant. That's never a bad thing, it's what managers all go through, and it's the way that managers wish waiters saw the restaurant. 3. If push comes to shove and the prep guy or dishwasher doesn't show up, there is a larger pool of people to draw from to fill that short term need for the sake of the business. I don't know.. just a couple of my ideas.

  3. The Jaded Waiter….all what you say are good points. It is not like it is a bad idea. Your first one I think the best reason.Something about mucking in where you are needed irregardless of what you were hired for.

  4. English tips…I will do it now.

  5. Thank you friend, also added you on my favorites blogroll. Thank you a lot.

  6. Self Taught…and thank you as well!

  7. Yep, pretty much what The Jaded Waiter said.

  8. Trashmaster46….welcome and yes I agree.

  9. @jade waiter nice list i guess they are all correct cant agree more…@steve – well that's just the first day it will get even better.. nice to read a good start on your new job…

  10. Stephanie…yes it was pretty good.

  11. Sounds like bullshit to me. I used to work for a place that changed their prep and began requiring their opening server to cut fruit and portion it into monkey dishes. I don't think it had anything to do with cross training. They were just trying to save labor costs by having someone who only makes $4.35 an hour do the work of someone who makes $12 an hour. So not only did she have to come in at 5am (she was the only one who would agree to that) and set everything up, but they also saddled her with extra work. When she initially refused, the GM presented her with a write-up and told her to do the extra work or take the documentation in her employee file.

  12. Pancake Girl….there is a whole bunch of reasons and yours can be another one. I know one thing the real action takes place on the floor of the restaurant for the waiter irregardless of whether someone can portion out sweet potato fries.

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