It Was Time To Go

Aside from the fact I am moving on to a location which will be all the time busy and secure a better income for us down the road , with the wife home from work I was just not able to keep up with the bills where I was. It wasn’t like I was making terrible money it is just that things keep getting more and more expensive.

Gas and food prices are skyrocketing. There is the mortage, utilities, insurances that keep coming in as well. It is never ending.

So when I saw this ad on Friday and they wanted a faxed resume , I faxed one off within the hour. An hour and a half later while I am driving to work my wife calls me to tell me they called.

The next day I got a hold of the person and set up an interview for Tuesday. Got the job and had the orientation the following day.

On Monday while I am still at my present employment I am using the day off to work at the new place so I can be trained and ready to go come the 16th. I am hoping to squeeze in two more training shifts before that day as well.

At work some mention you are working at the airport and ask if I will make any money there. Well to start with the week I begin is Spring Break. Then comes every other conceivable reason I will be busy. Flight delays , summer holidays , business travelers, every day of the week someone is flying somewhere. It is a captive audience. Imagine if you worked in one of 5 restaurants in town how busy you would be all the time. On top of that everyone had to eat something , order a drink , pay their bill and leave on a trip right after?

The best reason is what kind of mood are we in when we are traveling somewhere? I can tell you it is not the person who was complaining she hadn’t got her bread yet last night or the second table in two consecutive nights I ran my butt off for and left me nothing when they left!

Yes I am looking forward to this change very much. It was time to go…….



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope it is everything you want and need and it's TIME you got to enjoy your work and be appreciated for how so VERY good you are in your career 🙂

  2. Sous Gal….thank you and i should after this find no better opportunity anywhere at anytime. This is it!

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