Patience Does Pay Off

On Sunday night it was packed when I got into work. I was pre-close and the three tables I had two of them were already being used for another group by another waiter. My other table was reserved and stayed that way for an hour.

Finally I get the table. Doesn’t look like it will be a great tipping table. It was an 8 top. So while I am serving this table I get a 2 top in another section to make up for my used tables when I came in. The 8 leaves me $30 on a $221 bill. Not as bad as I thought would happen. The two leave me $14.

Meanwhile I am still not busy but one of the waiters is heading out and ask me to take over his party. I am still not sure why but now I have his 7 top in another section and I pick up another deuce in the other section where I had the previous 2 top. The other waiter because she had to give up two of her tables gets the next party in my 3 table section.

But they are setting up a 9 top where my 8 top used to be and that stays empty for a short time. They arrive and make me run. Looking at them I am not sure where this was going. They were having a good time but one of them didn’t like her steak. It was hard to see how this table would end up.

Anyway the 7 top leaves me $50 which was great and the two leave me $20. That two was the last table to leave. One other table leaves me $15.

Then the big moment arrives for my 8 top. Their bill comes to $427 and one guy pays with his debit card. I am scared to look. Walking back to the kitchen I take a peek.

I get an $80 tip. Sweet!! After the tip out I walked out with $169.

So I guess I could have been down in the mouth about not getting a table till 6:45 but with only 6 tables and out by 11 it was a great night.

Things do have a way of working out. I think the manager was looking out for me or someone was Sunday night. With two days off Monday and Tuesday and today to see the Tim Burton exposition downtown the big payoff came handy.


  1. Nice! The $50 tip out gets me [I understand, but still. ouch]Hope you enjoyed the Tim Burton expo.That would be awesome. 🙂

  2. SkippyMom…the Tim Burton exposition was great. My oldest son who is 9 wants to be an animator. Both of them like drawing.

  3. Great job, and thank you for adding me on bloggers' community, care for exchange links? Add me and leave a message on my blog

  4. English Tips….I will and thank you.

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