I Love To Tell Stories at Work

Because a lot of the ones I work with were not even born yet in the 70’s I love to talk about the 70’s when I was a teenager having a great time.

Tonight I was around the kitchen pass when I started singing this KC Sunshine Band Tune that back in 1976 a bunch of us use to go to the International Hotel near the airport in Dorval Quebec and dance to. It was a dumpy little dance bar downstairs where there was some tables and a little light show. About 5 of us guys would be sitting at this table sipping beer. We were a year under the drinking age. I had some long hair , a moustache , and 17 years old.

There would be a table of girls sitting across the way. It was the start of the disco era. When this song played everyone would hit the dance floor.

I did a little rendition of it tonight pretending I was dancing in my high heel boots stomping down on the dance floor. Everyone was cracking up who was there.

Believe it or not I do that often at work. I get a lot of laughs and I wasn’t even born yet comments. So to remember the song play the video and think back what you were doing at the time. I am sure you were dancin’ to this tune.

I could go on and tell you about the topless bars we use to go to but I will stop there.



  1. Isn't it nice reminiscing the good old days? And the youngsters would be having so much fun listening to your stories. That's really intersting!

  2. Balqis…thank you for the comment and the follow. I hope you enjoy what you read. Have a great day!

  3. That's hilarious! I have not embraced my advancing seniority to the level that you have.. but this gives me hope. Instead I find myself thinking things like : wow.. this waitress 'training' me at my new job was two years old when I got my first waiting job. I get self conscious more than anything when I think about that.. but maybe what I should be doing is taking a page from your book and telling them about the 'good ol days' when you could smoke in the wait station, Amex had its own separate credit card processing machine, and other such things.

  4. The Jaded Waiter…absolutely that is the only thing that makes it fun is talking about our days. They can't believe it. The world has totally changed since then. The 70's was the best decade. Maybe from 1967-81. Then the great recession hit of 82.

  5. I'm a 70s gal myself! What a fun blog!!

  6. Jill Wellington…welcome Jill and glad you like it. Thanks for the follow too!

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