The Decision Was Made For Me – Thank You

Things always work out for the best and I do really appreciate the honesty of the interviewer a couple of days ago.

Following up on yesterday’s post I felt I had to make a tough decision on whether this opportunity that was before me would be a good one or not.

For those of you who read the previous post you will know that there was a chance at an opportunity and I was debating the pros and cons of it. She said she would get hold of me today to make a follow up interview with the owners.

The call never came today. I am thankful it didn’t cause I would have had to say I couldn’t do it. Here are the following reasons after mulling it over.

1. It wasn’t going to be the same money I am making now. ( A Prime Consideration )

2. The tips were going to be paid out every 2 weeks by cheque. I said I really couldn’t do that and maybe if it was one week it would be better. That probably sent out warning bells and red lights. I get paid out nightly where I am now so every two weeks would be hardship.

3. Lunches were going to be dead which meant boredom for me. I have worked in places like that and didn’t last long in them. Drove me crazy and didn’t fill my pocket either.

4. Summer is super busy and that is when I like my time off. Getting the night off to see my son play soccer would have been hit and miss depending on when the other two waiters wanted shifts off. Once again working where I am now that is not a problem.

5. Being a one car family this meant no car for my wife at home 3-4 days a week. Also what about if she found a job. She would need some wheels. Sure if lunches were more lucrative it might have been worth it.

6. The owners , and she was honest about this , come in to eat about 9PM. I know if the night was dead and they came in to feed their face and sit there for two hours I would be going ballistic. Stress I don’t need.

7. When we parted she said she would call and I think she would have but when she went to the owner today and mentioned my thoughts on the two week tip payout he told her no it was going to be every two weeks. She even told me that she has brought this up to him on an earlier occasion and his reply was that the waiters should learn how to budget then. Not a response that is waiter friendly and who eats in the restaurant late at night.

8. I guess last of all is this is a huge wedding and banquet complex and the dining room is just a bit of a second entity for him. A toy so to speak. Which is why it isn’t busy.

The interview was honest and upfront and the lady answered all my questions even if the answers were not all positive.

I really do not at this present time need to find a job but knowing what is out there is not a bad thing. I do know I will not settle for less than I have now. Judging by the job market out there staying where I am will not be hard to do.

Probably after a few more years I will just get a job in a hardware store and fade out of the waitering profession gracefully without fanfare. Ha!


  1. I'm glad you were able to resolve that in your mind. Good to have peace about it!

  2. The Restaurant Manager…For sure. A quick ending that was.

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