Nice To Be Off for Two Days Now

Well this afternoon went in for 3:30 and had a three table section. Two four tops and an 8 top. Got sat the two fours but the 8 was empty till after 6 which didn’t surprise me as it was Valentine’s Day after all.

At the end of the night served the most people at 45 and had the highest net sales at just over $1850 which works out to a tad over $40 per person. The caliber of the people got worse as the night went on but walked out with over $200 anyway.

Toward the finish you could see people were glad it was over. It was a solid busy 4 days. Huge sales and the money wasn’t bad either.

Now time to go to bed. My legs are beat. But the satisfaction of having done a good job means a lot.

Next week is the Family Day Holiday up here which should bring out the families now. February has a lot going on.


  1. Sounds like you earned those two days off! Enjoy!!

  2. Sounds like a good [though exhausting] couple of days.Enjoy the days off. You've earned 'em. 🙂

  3. The Restaurant Manager and SkippyMom…thanks and I will for sure.

  4. That was definitely a brutal 4 day stretch.Our restaurant had 400 on the books and stations were full by 5pm and stayed that way until 10:30. It's nice to earn in just a few days almost what it took me 2 weeks to make as a manager.. but that still took a toll! It's enough to give a guy a nightmare! Enjoy your two days off 🙂

  5. The Jaded Waiter…It was pretty brutal. Yeah you make money but at what costs??

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