Is Obesity a Big Concern for Most People?

I saw the other day where McDonalds is coming up with these Buttermilk Biscuits in the morning. Other places seem to come up with some feature that is bound to put a tire around someone’s waist. Like the KFC double down I think it was.

People who say they want to watch their weight order Diet Pepsi then ask for 2-3 refills after. Or they order the big ice cream dessert.

Kids today are fatter than they ever have been. They hardly exercise. A lot just look like whales by the time they are 16.

Okay except for some medical problem a person can have , other than that , it is not right to be that big at a young age. But you have to say it is probably the parent’s fault. They bought the food that fed the kid when he or she was younger.

I find people order way too much then ask to take it home.

Okay here is my question , despite all the talk out there about people who are overweight do you see where people are actually concerned about it?



  1. I read a lot of weight loss blogs – not because I need the motivation to lose weight, I don't need to – but because I stumbled upon them and they became friends of mine.I find for the majority that I read 90% are dedicated to losing weight and try to eat right and exercise.They are truly inspiring.The other 10% keep repeating bad behaviors and blame other things for being obese and then whine constantly about their lack of progress or [heaven forbid] weight gain.So, I think that people that are overweight DO try and want to lose weight. For the most part.I can also say that here IRL I have had people say to me and Poolad that it must be nice for our kids to be "naturally thin" because of the way we [the parents] are built.THAT annoys me – my kids could be obese if I fed them junk or we ate out at fast food joints all the time or I didn't watch their portions/number of sevings. We raised our children knowing how to eat healthy. So it isn't this "naturally" occurring phenonemon they keep suggesting it is. It especially peeves me when they or their own children are overweight. As tho' that is the magic thing that keeps us healthy and thin.Yeah – I am little passionate about this. 😀

  2. SkippyMom…I can tell you are passionate about this. Great comments and I agree with you it is the parent's lead that dictates whether a child is going to be big or not. I couldn't think of anything waiter wise last night. It is just these buttermilk biscuits got me thinking.

  3. I'm not model-skinny; I am blessed with curves, but I am slim. During the last part of my dating phase with my (now) husband, I gained about 15 pounds because I was having issues with my mother. I was very down and starting eating whenever I felt like it. I gained weight FAST and it took a while to lose it. I know that I can gain weight quickly now, so I make more of an effort to watch what I'm putting into my mouth.So while I'm waiting tables and I recommend a certain dish to a customer, I try to recommend healthy options that I would eat. That's why it's so irritating when I am told one of two things:1) "Oh, honey, you might be able to eat whatever you want, but I have to watch it!"Uh, if I ate literally ANYTHING I wanted – anything I craved – then I would probably balloon up very fast. I have a sweet tooth and I could sit and eat all day. But I don't.2) "Yeah, this coming from someone who looks like YOU?"Uh…thanks? I always recommend things that I actually eat. I recommend the chicken sandwich with a wheat bun and low-fat honey mustard, not a smokehouse burger with 1500 calories. I don't recommend things that are loaded with crap, so don't even act like I'm trying to sell you shit to make YOU fat.W. Extraordinaire, I think many people don't realize how many calories they DRINK every day via soda and other sugary drinks. That's why even if they're "watching their weight" they suck down the soda. The 90% of people SkippyMom mentioned are likely much more conscientious about drinks and their role in the diet than the other 10% are. You're probably seeing the 10% who don't WANT to know how many calories they drink, so they can complain about how they still haven't lost weight.

  4. Fuckmytable….great viewpoints on this and you are doing a great service suggesting healthy menu items to the guest. I know one thing for me is if I didn't wait on tables I would have to watch my weight. Just after I got married I gained weight as well and was out of the business for a couple of years. I gained about 25 lbs. I lost it when I returned waitering. I get a chuckle out of the sodas. Where I work there are the free soda refills. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I think the problem is that people miss the point by dieting. They look at is as a punishment/reward system. If they drink Diet Coke, then they can have chocolate cake. This tends to keep them trapped in the cycle of losing weight to gain it back. People who maintain a healthy weight will only have that dessert on a rare occasion because it is not worth it. It is like the alcoholic who decides to quit during the week and then gets hammered on the weekends. Until people decide that chocolate cake is not their friend and they want nothing to do with it, long term change isn't possible. Success comes in changing how you think about food, not in punishing yourself in order to merit a reward.

  6. David….very good way of looking at it. Drinking Diet Coke doesn't mean you get a sweet dessert because what was the point of drinking Diet Coke anyway? Do people want to watch their weight 100% of the time or not. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Eh… I drink Diet Coke and then I'll order a terribly fatty meal and maybe even dessert. I'm not overweight, and I also don't think drinking Diet Coke is "making up" for that dessert. I drink it for two reasons… I prefer the taste (I don't drink any sugared soda, and rarely even drink juice, etc) and even if I do eat a 1500-calorie meal, why should I make it a 2000 calorie meal by adding a sugared soda (that I don't even like, LOL!)

  8. Misslindsay…thank you for the comment. Hey if you are not overweight why not. I was referring to the overweight crowd mainly and pointing out their eating habits. I myself eat a fair bit of chocolate but not overweight either.

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