What a Great Shift That Was!

I started at 5:45 tonight and was driving home at 9:20. Not even 4 hours and I walked out of there with $172 in my pocket. You gotta like that.

Last night was another 4 hours and I walked out with $130. So I am on a bit of a roll so far this week.

The topper tonight was an 8 top with the bill at $352 and they tipped me $75. So sweet to get that. I saw her put a 7 then a 5 and thought oh my this is going to be a good night.

It all happened in about 90 minutes. Run around while timing the tables properly so the food arrived right on time. The most important thing to do of course is time your meals properly. Give yourself the time to clear the appetizers away and get another round of drinks. Then the entree arrives and they are ready for it.

I am on 6 in a row and the first two at the beginning of the week have been a bonus. The weekend is still to come. Nice work…


  1. BRAVO freaking HAH!That is FABULOUS!

  2. SkippyMom…it is nice to pass on some good news.

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  4. Also, I very much enjoyed that Wayne Gretzkey Video!

  5. Blair..will do and glad you liked that video.

  6. Where I work we just punch in the entire order and label the appetizers so the guys in the kitchen will time it for us. Sometimes they slip up but we're a pretty relaxed sports bar type place so it's never that big of a deal. Congrats on a string of good nights!

  7. Candice…sounds pretty casual Candice. Nice place to work. Thank you for stopping by.

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